WATCH: 'The View' Forced To Apologize For Celebrating ABC's 'Fake News' About Trump

"On Friday's show, apparently, I was guilty of 'premature evaluation.' I hear they have a pill for that now."

On "The View" Monday, Joy Behar and her fellow co-hosts were forced to apologize for the ecstatic celebration they led on the show Friday of a false report by ABC News that has since been "corrected."

"On Friday's show, apparently, I was guilty of 'premature evaluation,'" said Behar (video below).

As the Daily Wire reported, the hosts and audience of "The View" shared a celebratory moment after Behar read a report by ABC News' Brian Ross alleging incorrectly that Donald Trump "as a candidate" directed Michael Flynn to reach out to the Russians. Behar was so thrilled about the moment that she tweeted a GIF of herself celebrating, with the message: "Christmas came early. Thank you, Santa!"

Video of the now infamous celebration below:

As ABC News was forced to admit in a "clarification" and then a full "correction," Ross got a significant detail wrong: Trump reportedly asked Flynn to reach out to the Russians as president-elect, not as a candidate — throwing yet another a wrench in the left-leaning media's "collusion" narrative.

After being shamed by Kellyanne Conway into pulling its tweet of the fake news celebration, "The View" has now officially apologized; Behar and co. addressed the issue on Monday.

"On Friday's show, apparently, I was guilty of 'premature evaluation,'" said Behar. "I hear they have a pill for that now. Here's what happened. ABC News reporter Brian Ross released a story claiming when Trump was a candidate he told Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. Ross later corrected himself saying it actually was when Trump was president-elect. Now, Brian has been suspended for a month."

After Sunny Hostin read ABC's announcement of Ross's suspension, Behar said, "[P]eople are slamming this as 'fake news.' To me at this time a mistake. He didn’t deliberately put out a false piece of information he made an error."

Calling Ross's mistake a "significant error," Hostin suggested that in the era of Trump, journalists have to be "very, very careful."

"Journalists have to be given the climate very, very careful. It’s not important to be first. It’s important to be right. He was wrong. He’s paying the price for that," she said.

Sara Haines agreed. "Especially in the climate with the present administration. Sometimes [President Trump] has a bit of precarious relationship with facts. We hold him what he would describe as hyperbole or exaggeration."

Meghan McCain then offered her response, citing her own "discomfort at the room erupting like the Dodgers just won the World Series" and calling out the bias of the other hosts.

"Fake news and what we did on Friday that’s what I was accused of being a part of," said McCain. "I don’t want to sit on a show where I feel like we’re giving fake news or acting irresponsibly. Because the cut and short of it is — by the way, I think this is far from over — we should take the information we have and take it in time and explain it to people. Having one piece of information that ended up being fake news, in my opinion, doesn’t mean that an impeachment trial will start this evening."

Video below via RCP:


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