WATCH: Steven Crowder Talks With Jordan Peterson And The TA Censured For Showing Video Of Him

"I almost feel like I’m being kicked out from the left side of spectrum."

In a recent video podcast, conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder interviewed clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson and Lindsay Shepherd, the teaching assistant who was censured by her university for simply playing a video of Peterson questioning the PC gender pronoun movement. The result of the conversation is a damning picture of the anti-free speech climate on college campuses in Canada.

Shepherd recently made international headlines for being found guilty by Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, of violating two "human rights" code policies for playing a clip of a video of Peterson to spur conversation about gender pronouns. Because Shepherd did not thoroughly condemn Peterson's views (with which she personally disagrees) before she showed the video to students, a "gender and equity" official and her supervising professor at Laurier officially reprimanded her. Shepherd secretly recorded the conversation, however, and after the recording went viral, the university issued an apology for its anti-free speech, anti-intellectual actions.

Asked by Peterson in the podcast why she felt she needed to "defend herself" via the recording going into the meeting, Shepherd gave a rather revealing response about the current environment in academia.

"I'm familiar with the environment of universities, especially in Arts and Humanities programs. It really was just the email that said 'Diversity and Equity official,'" she said, referencing the email notifying her of the meeting that resulted in her reprimand. "I thought if they are going to make accusations against me — which is what they ended up doing, they ended up accusing me of violating some kind a human rights code," she said.

Peterson noted that they actually accused her of two human rights code violations.

"And also I violated the university's 'gender violence and sexual assault' policy," Shepherd added.

Asked by Crowder to clarify how in the world she violated a "sexual assault" policy, she explained that simply by playing a video that included Peterson's views, the officials said she had created a "transphobic environment" and "legitimized transphobia."

Peterson noted that while there has been a great deal of support for Shepherd, radical leftists are now accusing her of being the perpetrator and having "targeted" one of the professors who censured her. The leftists have now labeled her an "Alt-Right hero," though she rejects far-right views.

Shepherd went on to say that she has been “profoundly disappointed with the Left," saying, "I almost feel like I’m being kicked out from the left side of spectrum."

Peterson argues that rather than being an outlier, Shepherd's case is representative of what is taking place on college campuses everywhere, as evidenced by Laurier's hiring of a "diversity and equity" official to conduct precisely the kind of inquisition to which Shepherd was subjected.

Video below, interview begins around the 34-minute mark (but before you skip to that, do yourself a favor and watch the opening credits for the hilarious "Ghost"-themed MugClub promo).

By the way, the theme of Crowder's podcast on Thursday, "Did Jesus exist?" was inspired by the video he posted over the Thanksgiving holiday in which he asks Amazon's Alexa a series of straightforward questions and the digital assistant offers him remarkably biased answers, the most stunning of which was her answer to his question, "Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?" To Crowder's shock, Alexa responded, "Jesus Christ is a fictional character."


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