WATCH: Pro-Life High Schooler Punched In The Face Outside Abortion Clinic

On Saturday, pro-life group Students for Life Of America (SFLA) released a video showing a woman hitting 15-year-old pro-life activist Purity Thomas in the face.

Prior to the violent encounter, there was a brief verbal exchange in which Thomas told her soon-to-be assailant that she was praying for her:

The incident allegedly occurred outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Roanoke, Virginia.

In an official statement, SFLA said that the unidentified woman first approached the pro-life activists at 8:30 a.m. and threatened to "f*** them up." She then allegedly stole a pro-life sign, and punched Thomas.

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins noted that while "it’s horrific that a minor expressing love for pregnant women was targeted for violence ... this is not an isolated incident," and that pro-life speech is being targeted frequently.

Hawkins added, "We pray that the assailant from today’s attack is brought to justice swiftly. But we also pray for the protection of those who volunteer their time to speak for the innocent, preborn infants and their mothers."


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