While the left politically profits by standing on the graves of shooting victims and portraying mass shootings as the most dangerous threat posed to American citizens, they are ignoring a far more deadly epidemic: falling.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 26,009 deaths from falling in 2010, including from ladders and roofs. By comparison, according to the FBI, there were 418 deaths from the 64 mass shootings between 2000-2013, averaging at around 30 per year.

Other causes of death that resulted in more loss of life as of late than mass shootings, according to CDC data:

  • Bicycles
  • Drowning
  • Suffocation
  • Other pedestrians

The loss of life is always tragic—particularly senseless deaths at the hands of twisted individuals, like the San Bernardino terrorists or Dylann Roof—but the point is the left continually cherry-picks data in order to forward its political agenda. "If we could save just one life...," repeat the president and his ilk after any mass shooting, while they ignore other more pressing threats. It is particularly egregious in cases where the left uses such data in an attempt to strip citizens of Constitutional rights.

Will President Barack Obama shed a tear for the 26,009 who died from falling in 2010? He saves his tears for those things that will help "fundamentally transform" the country.

H/t Awr Hawkins.