FLASHBACK: Brian Ross Had To Apologize For Report Suggesting Mass Shooter Was Tea Party Member

Brian Ross had to issue another embarrassing "clarification" over his reporting.

ABC News’ Brian Ross made a serious error in reporting on Friday when he claimed that Michael Flynn was set to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump told him to contact Russian officials. After waiting the entire day, ABC News issued a major retraction on the report as it was discovered that is was not in fact candidate Donald Trump who told Flynn to contact Russian officials but president-elect Trump that instructed him to do so.

ABC News significantly downplayed the serious mistake in reporting, calling the retraction merely a "clarification."

However, this is not the first time that Ross has had to apologize for his reporting. In 2012, following the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado, "Ross reported on ABC News that he'd found a web page for a 'Jim Holmes' on a Colorado Tea Party site," Fox News reported.

"There is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year," Ross reported. "Now we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it's Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado."

ABC News and Ross came under intense criticism for immediately looking to politicize the shooting by suggesting that Holmes was a member of the Tea Party — which he was not.

"The attempts of some media organizations to characterize the shooter as a Tea Party member without having made any effort to contact our organization are shameless and reprehensible," the Colorado Tea Party Patriots said in a statement.

Ross had to again "clarify" his mistake later that day on ABC News.



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