Police Officer Offers K-Y Jelly To Man Sentenced For Shooting Him: 'You Will Need It Where You Are Going'

This week, a Jacksonville, Florida police officer who was shot three times when he pulled over a 19-year-old man for reckless driving, had a unique statement to make when his assailant was sentenced: he pulled out a bottle of K-Y Jelly and stated, “I brought a little gift for you. You will need it where you are going.”

The officer, who was off-duty, was taking his 14-year-old son to school in March 2016 when he saw Kevin Rojas, 19, driving erratically.

Though he wasn’t on duty, the officer tried to pull Rojas over. Rojas started shooting at the detective, who was wearing a ballistic vest with "police" on it. According to AP, Rojas’ shots missed the officer’s son but hit the officer three times. The officer fired back at Rojas, who fled after stealing another car.

Other officers pursued Rojas, who barricaded himself in a house; they shot him three times.

Rojas, who is now 21, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for attempting to kill the officer and his son.

According to the Times-Union, the officer described the incident this way:

When I see the car door opening, I start to look behind me to go open my door. That’s when I hear the gunshots, and the glass shattering. … When he shoots me in the head, I get a whiplash back. I see the blood splatter. At this time, I know — I realize I got shot.

The officer continued, “Obviously that day changed my life, and it will never be the same.”


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