The White House Actually IS A 'Real Dump'

Trump exonerated?

President Trump denies saying it, but evidence has now surfaced that his rumored displeasure with the White House's condition may actually be based on more than just his tacky tastes. From cockroach infestations to scurrying mice, America's most beloved house may actually be a "real dump."

Earlier this year, controversy erupted when Golf Magazine alleged that Trump once casually stated the “White House is a real dump." Immediately, Trump denied the comment and the issue quickly became politicized. Former White House resident Chelsea Clinton chastised the President on Twitter and thanked the White House staff for their hard work.

According to documents obtained by NBC4 Washington, officials have been working overtime recently to give the White House some needed makeovers and have issued hundreds of requests for repairs and pest control since Trump's inauguration. From the New York Post:

The work orders were similar in number and included reports of mice, cockroaches and even ants.

The vermin reportedly infiltrated numerous areas on the grounds — including the White House Navy mess food hall, the Situation Room and the chief of staff’s office.

Other work orders were for standard broken doors and chairs.

“It’s an enormous job. GSA is assigned to manage that job,” former GSA Inspector General Brian Miller told NBC4. "GSA hires contractors and subcontractors for the [maintenance] work. Then the agency must watch over the contractors.”

“They are old buildings,” Miller continued. “Any of us who have old houses know old houses need a lot of work.”

It is not clear what work remains incomplete, as some had a mid-April deadline. Following Trump's alleged comments, Politico also published a report detailing the White House's state of disrepair:

Bug zappers buzz in the West Wing while flies zip around. The yellow carpet is worn, and it can sometimes be difficult to work in parts of the White House because it fills with fumes when Marine One lands or takes off on the lawn of America’s most famous home.

Some White House aides claim to have seen rodents, and say they’re used to having maintenance professionals moving around their work space to do work on the air conditioning system, which hasn’t been overhauled in more than 20 years.

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