Kimmel vs. Moore: Late Night Host Deploys Comedian To Disrupt Church Service, Moore Fires Back

On Wednesday evening, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore spoke several times at a church service at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama. That wouldn’t be noteworthy, except that a leftist protester then showed up at the service and interrupted Moore, shouting, “The whole town says you did it! The entire town? All the girls are lying?” As Breitbart News reported, other members of the church told the man to get out, and the church’s pastor told the assembled crowd, “it is illegal to disturb a worship service. The next one who disturbs the service will be turned over to the police. As the pastor of this church, I’m saying we’re going to do things peacefully and in order. If you love Roy Moore or you hate Roy Moore, listen.”

The protester was removed.

It turns out that he was a fellow named Rich Barbieri — an employee of Jimmy Kimmel’s, better known as Jake Byrd.

After the news came out, Moore himself tweeted at Kimmel:

Kimmel replied:

Moore responded:

Kimmel had the last word:

This battle is likely to redound to the benefit of both sides. For Kimmel, it’s a way to show that he takes sexual assault and harassment seriously, and that he despises Moore for the sexual molestation allegations against him; for Moore, it’s a way to bounce off of Kimmel’s hard-core leftism, and use Hollywood’s opposition as an excuse to vote for him. Reactionary politics only benefits the reactionaries. Kimmel is free to criticize Moore on his massively-watched program every night; invading a church service is designed to get a rise out of Moore and generate heat. Moore loves it, too: he now gets to use Kimmel as his foil.


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