Are you still struggling to find a perfect gift for that special woman in your life who, perhaps, threatened to go to Canada if Donald Trump won the election but never quite made it there after realizing their immigration policies are super strict? Look no further, friend: the Sexy Justin Trudeau calendar is here for all of your holiday needs.

The 2018 "Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend" calendar, which will run you just over $12 American on Amazon, features 12 months of sexy, scintillating, and, for some of us, vomit-inducing, photos of the Canadian Prime Minister during regular, everyday things.

Its publisher bills it as "a year-long celebration of dynamic, smart, compassionate, and sometimes sassy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau."

The calendar features 12 images "Yucon" enjoy of model-like role-model Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Featuring sweetly off-kilter but well-meaning commentary about his views from his sparkling blue eyes on everything from love, family and of course global affairs and economic growth, it is a true celebration of the man, the myth, and the meme that is Justin Trudeau.

Only one of the photos is shirtless — an archive picture from the days when Trudeau was trying to make his name as an amateur boxer, before he decided to trade on his family's famous last name and work in politics. In February, he's wearing a white, button-down shirt and holding his hands in the shape of a heart over his chest.

Canadian reception for the calendar is mixed, with some supporters simply aching to get their grubby paws on the sexy photo collage, and others fairly sure even Justin's wife would roll her eyes.

If a calendar isn't your style — and let's face it, everyone just uses their cell phones now, anyway — the publishing company that produced it, Rizzoli, says there will be a forthcoming book by the same title, due out in 2018.