Jane Sanders BLASTS MSNBC Host Joy Ann Reid Over Twitter Rant

Reid claimed Sanders "physically dismissed" women in his presence.

Jane Sanders, the wife of Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, tore into MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid Wednesday night after Reid suggested that Bernie Sanders wasn't a "credible political figure" because he was dismissive of women.

Reid went on a tear Wednesday on Twitter, accusing society of enabling the sexual predators who have emerged from the entertainment and media industries, by propping up notions of "patriarchy" and "white privilege," and claiming that no credible male leadership exists because "mostly white" men have been in power far too long.

Never mind that most, if not all, of the powerful men alleged to have committed acts of sexual impropriety have been solidly on the left side of politics (Weinstein, of course, was a mega-donor to the Democratic party, and no one could accuse Matt Lauer of having a right-wing bias), or that Walter Cronkite was himself no angel who used his position as the only source of news for much of the country to force the White House into making policy decisions.

Anyway, when one respondent suggested that the elderly, progressive Bernie Sanders might be someone worth emulating, Joy Ann Reid tore into Sanders, too, and appeared to accuse the septuagenarian of discriminating against women, including his own wife.

It turns out Jane Sanders keeps a close eye on Joy Ann Reid, and Jane wasn't happy with Joy's accusations.


Joy Ann Reid mysteriously stopped tweeting her thoughts on the male gender after that. Wonder why.


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