Describing as “brilliant” the decision of the Clintons to no longer directly denigrate Donald Trump’s character with the left-wing “War on Women” narrative, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ignored the likely political calculus that informed the new strategy from the former first couple.

Following clips of the Clintons opting not to go after Trump when primed to do so by left-wing media and campaign rally supporters, Scarborough shared his political analysis

“We talked about the Clintons backing away from the fight,” Scarborough said, “pure politics - that’s a pretty smart move on both of their parts, right? Like, I love what Bill Clinton said, they’re ahead in a poll by twenty points or whatever, and he goes, ‘We still have a primary to win.’ That’s a brilliant thing to say.”

Left-wing MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle concurred, “She is operating on what is her best bet. Her best bet is not to be responding to Donald Trump, but to be talking about Iran, Saudi Arabia, ISIS - her strength. Play her strength, her strong card,” as if Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy bona fides as a political advantage for her candidacy.

Scarborough then repeated a refrain of his deployed over recent months - that Republicans could not defeat Hillary Clinton given Trump and Senator Ted Cruz as the party’s front-runners.

“[Hillary Clinton] is the predominant favorite. I’ve had a lot of Republicans, behind closed doors, say, ‘Why are we even doing this? Hillary’s gonna win anyway,’” said Scarborough, again invoking what he alleges are his swathes of Republican friends.

Willie Geist, not playing the role of yes-man, contextualized Scarborough’s statements.

“You’re probably right, except that she has taken it for months and months, she’s gone after Donald Trump. She’s had no problem doing it up until now,” Geist said.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace - ostensibly a Republican - echoed this narrative, claiming that many of her “good Republican” friends would likely not vote for Cruz if he secured the GOP’s presidential nomination.

The new political strategy from the Clintons towards Trump is an abrupt change from one of constant character assassination which continued until just days prior. The previous strategy initially saw both Hillary and Bill Clinton regularly deriding the Trump as a sexist, misogynist, and “Islamophobe.” Now, however, both have been seen uncomfortably declining requests from left-wing media to continue their attacks on the New York City billionaire’s character.

The virtual 180-degree turn follows warnings from Trump against playing what he described as “the woman’s card,” as well as references to allegations of Bill Clinton’s commission of sexual assault and rape.

Following Hillary Clinton’s slander of Trump as having a “penchant for sexism,” Trump took to Twitter to fire a warning shot across the bow.

Following further invective from the Clintons and campaign surrogates, Trump amplified his response to describing Bill Clinton as one of “great woman abusers of all time,” subsequently naming Hillary Clinton as his “enabler.”

Immediately afterwards, the Clintons showed repeated reticence to continue with their slander of Trump as sexist or misogynistic.

Trump has since taken credit for intimidating the Clintons into relative silence on this specific line of political attack.

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