This Is The World’s Weirdest Way of Committing Suicide

Authorities have reported that a German man drowned himself in Lake Traunsee, Austria, by tying a bag to his hand that was filled with his wife's head entombed in concrete.

The couple were identified as being in their 70's from Frankfurt, Germany, and retired.

Police say the man attached a second bag filled with concrete and personal belongings to his other hand to help weigh himself down. There were no signs of struggle on him but his wife's body, which they found dismembered in a suitcase two days earlier floating near the lakeshore, showed evidence of strangling.

A press conference, posted above, was given by the prosecutor and police chief on Tuesday confirming that they believe it was a murder-suicide.

Pictured below: The suitcase with the wife's body that a local found and then reported to police and the divers who eventually found the man and his duffel bag of gore.

Barack Obama has already sent the German Ambassador a message suggesting the banning of suitcases, duffel bags, and concrete. No word yet on when the ban will take effect.

(h/t DailyMail)

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