WATCH: 'Transgender' Punk Rock Star Teaches Gender Fluidity To Young Children

A site called NowThis, which boasts it “creates content for the social, mobile generation by informing its audience about what’s happening and important in the world right now,” issued a tweet with a video celebrating the efforts of a punk rock star who says he is transgender introducing gender issues to parents and their young children.

Laura Jane Grace, former leader of punk band Against Me!, is shown in the video performing for young children at the Brooklyn Public Library.

The video starts with this caption: “These kids are exploring gender identity with a little help from a transgender rock star.”

Then Grace weighs in with his own perspective: “If you think back to like, when you were in middle school and what sex-ed was, and what a joke that class was, well, there was no gender class.”

The video states, “Punk rock star Laura Jane Grace joined the party at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Event, Genderful! Designed to teach kids about gender identity (and that gender can be fluid).”

The video shifts to a mother of a “transgender” child saying, “To be in an inclusive space like this is very powerful and important. It’s my six-year-old who’s transgender. He transitioned about a year ago. I just noticed over the course of time between two-and-a-half years and five years old he became very — I’m gonna get emotional ­— very withdrawn and anxious and depressed.”

The video then reports, “Genderful! Was organized by non-profit If You Want It, which supports expanding the definition of gender and celebrating that through art, storytelling, and a special performance.”

After a brief interlude of Grace playing the guitar and singing, the video offers Grace slamming the traditional male-female division as “gender coding situations”:

My daughter, all that matters to her is that she knows that I love her and that I’m there. For kids, I feel like gender is a lot more fluid. It’s just something that’s not as part of your daily existence or your interaction with your friends, and if you withdraw them from certain like, gender coding situations, kids are just kids when it comes down to it.

Another woman offers, “There’s a lot of kind of conversation around the difference between someone who grows up in this world where they’re made to be this or that compared to a world where we just kind of offer kids the opportunity to explore their gender on their own and land where they want to land.”

The video trumpets, “Many are calling Genderful! the first event of its kind and want to see more events like it.”

Jillian Miller, a Chicago school teacher, opines, “I think it’s lifesaving that we have these events. So I’m really hoping that I can have the If You Want It crew come out to Chicago and do it out there.”

NowThis is used to offering leftist tropes; another was featuring an indigenous American stating, “America is a myth and the United States is on stolen land.”

Video below:


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