Joy Villa: Everyone Should Stand For The National Anthem

"The national anthem stands for freedom."

Singer Joy Villa stunned the crowd at the 2017 Grammys when she unveiled a dress fashioned in the style of the "Make America Great Again" theme from Trump’s 2016 campaign. She stuns again in PragerU's new short, "Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem."

In the video (below), Joy details why it is important to stand for the national anthem and why the professional athletes who are refusing to fail to understand the significance of the flag and their own actions.

"The national anthem stands for freedom, even the freedom to do foolish things ... like protesting the national anthem," she begins. "But, like my mama always said, 'just because you are free to do the wrong thing, it doesn’t mean that you should.'"

Joy provides some context for her comments. "Starting in 2016, some professional football players have refused to stand when the national anthem is played before a game. Some of them kneel, some of them sit on the bench, some of them raise their fist, and some don’t even come out of the locker room.

"This was all started by San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick," she continues. "His idea was to protest the alleged mistreatment of black people by police and by America in general."

When Kaepernick failed to get picked up by a team after choosing to become a free agent after the 2016 season, he claimed racism — rather than his sub-par performance and the massive distraction he brings to a team (as NFL insiders have stated) — was the reason he was "blacklisted."

"I like football, and I sing the anthem publicly at events," says Villa. "This doesn’t make me an expert, but I’ve got a problem with some things here. First, the protest is based on something that just isn’t true. And second, even if it were true, the protest is misdirected and self-defeating."

Check out the video below:

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