Here’s How Obama Female Staffers ‘Poked The Patriarchy.’ It’s Pathetic.

According to Obama female staffers, keeping a “Smurfette” figurine on your desk and asking for your secret service code-name to be super-girly is a giant smack at “the patriarchy.” Interesting.

Per the Washington Post, “Nancy-Ann DeParle and Alyssa Mastromonaco, who served together as deputy chiefs of staff from 2011-2013, intentionally went for the ultra-feminine when selecting their monikers: Peaches and Popsicle, respectively.”

Their choice of bucking the traditionally masculine monikers such as George W. Bush’s “Trailblazer” and Barack Obama’s “Renegade” apparently “poked the patriarchy” because now the women could delight “in watching the mostly male, macho Secret Service agents announce the arrival of Popsicle and Peaches.”

I thought the whole point of modern-day feminism was that women and men are the same? Therefore, wouldn’t the uniquely cutesy names the female staffers chose drive feminists up a wall rather than be viewed as “poking the patriarchy?” Feminism sure is complicated!

DeParle and Mastromonaco also kept “Smurfette” figurines on their desks in attempt to represent a “subtle strike for feminism.”

Both women kept figurines on their desks of Smurfette, the sole female character on the popular cartoon show who has become a symbol of gender inequality (essayist Katha Pollitt’s “Smurfette Principle” is that “a group of male buddies will be accented by a lone female, stereotypically defined.”)

But it totally backfired. Not one evil male asked the two “brave” feminists about their silly figurine.

“I kept waiting for the guys to say something,” said DeParle. “But no one ever asked.”

Wow, major burn ladies…

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