New Accuser: Rep. John Conyers Showed Up To A Meeting In His Underwear

Lawyer who worked for the Congressman also says he was verbally abusive.

An attorney who worked with Rep. John Conyers told the Congressman's hometown paper, the Detroit Free Press, that Conyers was verbally abusive to her while she was in his employment, that he was critical of her appearance, and that, at least once, he showed up to a meeting wearing nothing but his underwear.

Melanie Sloan told Detroit's left-leaning publication — recently critical of the long-serving Congressman from Detroit — that while she served as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, Conyers "constantly berated her, screaming at her and firing her and then rehiring her several times."

According to Sloan, she was routinely flagged for failing to wear pantyhose. And, on one occasion, was pulled out of a high-level meeting to babysit for Conyer's his kids. His constant badgering drove her crazy, she says, and stressed her to a breaking point — and it's not as though Sloan is easily beaten, particularly when you consider that Sloan went on to lead a crisis communications firm, one of the most stressful jobs in politics.

“His constant stream of abuse was difficult to handle and it was certainly damaging to my self-respect and self-esteem," Sloan said. “It made me increasingly anxious and depressed about going to work every day. And there was no way to fix it. There was no mechanism I could use, no person I could go to,” she added.

Sloan is not the first woman to accuse Conyers of bizarre behavior, but she is the first woman to go on record with complaints against the long-time representative. She also says that, despite the other allegations, she never felt sexually harassed by Conyers — just that he felt he could do anything, and often acted accordingly.

The time she showed up to a meeting and found Conyers clad only in a pair of underpants, is a perfect example she says. “He was just walking around in his office, not dressed,” she said. “He wasn’t doing it to hit on me. It was more like he could do what he wanted. I was quite shocked by it and left quickly.”

Conyers insists he's done nothing wrong and has vehemently denied the allegations — including Sloans. Democratic Minority Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, has called for an investigation into Conyers' behavior.

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