Debra Messing Freaks That NYT Lauded Ben Shapiro; Cancels Subscription

After The New York Times ran a 1,700 word profile of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro that acknowledged him as the leader of the conservative millennial movement, actress Debra Messing took the calm, reasoned approach characteristic of members of the Left when something pierces the bubble of their echo chamber: triggered, she cancelled her subscription.

Messing was responding to Eric Boehlert, writer for other leftist bastions such as Media Matters, Salon, and Rolling Stone, who was having a conniption fit about the Times piece:

Messing, not to be outdone, decided to brandish her leftist bona fides, responding:

Of course, Messing is infamous for her leftist paroxysms of rage; she has endorsed comparing the NRA to terrorists:

She also championed the rioting in Berkeley, California:

The Left: tolerant, fair-minded and open to all points of view.


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