TALKING TURKEY: Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Birds Named 'Drumstick' And 'Wishbone'

The President joked about being "unable to overturn" President Obama's previous turkey pardons.

This afternoon, President Donald Trump pardoned the national Thanksgiving turkey, partaking in an age-old White House tradition for the first time.

The turkey, named Drumstick, was chosen to receive the special presidential pardon over a second turkey, Wishbone, in a national contest that pitted turkey-against-turkey in a social media Thunderdome. Except that, instead of only one turkey emerging unscathed, both Drumstick and Wishbone have been spared certain death and will live out the rest of their avian lives at a farm in New Jersey.

Other presidents have had to wrestle with non-compliant birds (one almost flew directly at President Reagan), but today's pardoning was uneventful — at least as far as the real turkeys were concerned. The press weren't quite as well behaved.

As Trump pardoned the turkey, a member of the press corps cried out, "Are you going to pardon any people?"

Trump did not respond to the question, however he did joke about trying to undo his predecessor's turkey pardons.

No Al Franken jokes were made, either, despite both turkeys being from Minnesota.

Both turkeys will return to their five-star lodgings at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. before being shipped out to their new digs. Taxpayers need not worry about footing the bill, however. The National Turkey Federation — a lobby group that represents America's turkey farmers — takes care of Drumstick's and Wishbone's luxury stay.

In all, it was a happy day for both president and turkey — though some humorless, left-leaning media maves were left a little steamed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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