'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik: I Don't Like Thanksgiving Because Veganism and Genocide

"History is written by the winners"

Here we go again . . .

"Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik takes little joy in Thanksgiving. She doesn't much like all the food, hates the slaughtering of innocent turkeys and feels ashamed that America celebrates a day of genocide.

In a video posted to Youtube on November 16, Bialik explains the "4 Reasons" why she doesn't like Thanksgiving.

Bialik's first reason for disliking the beloved holiday pertains to her disdain for gluttony, saying she hates how people use the day as an excuse to eat too much food. Fair enough. However, her second reason was a bit more pointed, being that she's a vegan who hates the thought of killing innocent turkeys:

I don’t like the tradition of killing a bird that in most cases has been genetically modified so that it’s so big that it can’t even stand up and then you lay its carcass on a tray and you carve it up and then you eat it. I don’t like that tradition. I don’t want that one. And I know; you think, “you vegans ruin everything.” Well, you know what? I think your tradition of killing an animal and laying its carcass and eating the skin and the flesh of it — I think its gross. That ruins it too.

Her third reason pertained to the holiday's similarities with the Jewish holiday Sukkot, also a harvest festival with lots of food. Bialik, as most Americans, is probably unaware that the pilgrims wanted the original feast to coincide with the Jewish holiday Sukkot, and since few have this as common knowledge, she gets a pass.

Predictably, the fourth and last reason Bialik dislikes Thanksgiving is because it ostensibly celebrates genocide — when those evil colonialists killed off helpless Indians and took their food as spoils.

History is written by the winners. I grew up coloring pictures of pilgrims and indigenous people — we called them Indians when I was a child — having this beautiful Thanksgiving together. The truth is, European invaders came to this land, took it from the indigenous people, raped, pillaged, gave them all sorts of diseases, called it their own, and desecrated a culture. It is one of the grossest examples of genocide in recent history and much as I don’t want to think about that, it’s really hard for me not to think about that when I think about Thanksgiving.

To Bialik's credit, she does appreciate Thanksgiving for instilling gratitude in people and the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade."

This ridiculous talking point that Thanksgiving celebrates genocide has become common parlance among leftists and the brainwashed public. To get the true story about Thanksgiving, see the PragerU video "What's The Truth About The First Thanksgiving?"

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