WALSH: We Need More Masculinity In Our Culture, Not Less

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Daily Groping Updates, the latest degenerates on the chopping block are as follows: Charlie Rose, Oliver Stone, John Conyers (who has allegedly been funding his perving expeditions with tax money since he first entered Congress in 1806), along with a Hollywood producer. Those are the reports we’ve seen just over the past 24 hours.

There is obviously a serious problem, and I have already suggested some ways that we might address it. I don’t say “solve it” because it will never be solved. What lies at the root of this epidemic is that we are a fallen race. That particular issue won’t be fully resolved until the Second Coming. Still, as I put forth last week, there are certainly some things we could do to contain, minimize, and mitigate the problem. But I was chastised for my plan because it focuses too much on empowering the potential victims. This is victim blaming, apparently.

There is another, more popular, strategy that a large number of liberal men have embraced, or pretended to embrace. It requires all men to fall to their knees in shame and accept guilt for things they haven't actually done. We must apologize profusely for abusing women, even if we haven’t abused any women. We must accept that we are complicit, even if we haven't been complicit. Social media is littered with self-emasculating dudes of this type, eager to demonstrate their wokeness by castigating their entire gender. Some men are resolving to spend a day in silence, others are reminding their fellow men that they should “shut the f**k up,” others are tweeting with the hashtag #YesAllMen (meaning “Yes, all men are responsible for sexual assault”).

There was a viral article written a few days ago, by a man, insisting “if you’re a man, you’re probably trash.” The author goes on to say that we men are “all agents of the patriarchy… We are all active contributors to rape culture.”

To which I say: speak for yourself, chief.

Another common and related solution, often proposed by female feminists and the male eunuchs they keep as pets, is that we should elect fewer men to public office, and have fewer men in leadership positions at companies, and generally do what we can to shove men to the sidelines and put women in their place. Human society must become something like a honey bee hive, where the men are mere drones whose only function is to eat, reproduce, and die. I think some dudes would find this arrangement quite favorable, which is probably why so many of them are eager to bow in submission and step to the side. It gives them more time to lounge on the couch and play video games, after all.

I think this is the wrong approach. It’s wrong for many reasons but let’s focus on two:

First, quickly, it’s absurd and overly simplified to paint this as a “men are bad, women are good” situation. In fact it’s pretty laughable to suggest that women in power are somehow less likely to be abusive and terrible. They may be abusive and terrible in different ways, but there’s certainly no evidence that we’ll end up with better politicians and CEOs if our country was converted into a feminist dystopia. I have known miserable, vile, self-centered people in my life, as have we all, and I’d say it’s been a pretty even split by gender. Perhaps my anecdotal experience is unusual, but I don’t think so. Sin does not discriminate according to sex.

Second, more importantly, we’re completely missing the point. The problem is not that there is too much masculinity in our culture. On the contrary, there isn’t nearly enough. A man becomes an abuser and harasser of women when he rejects that which makes him a man. He is not expressing his masculinity when he strips naked and struts around in front of his unwilling coworkers and subordinates — a move that seems oddly common among these types — rather, he is expressing his almost complete lack of masculinity.

These men are weird, desperate, self-debasing, and effeminate. If you say we should have fewer of those kinds in positions of power, I agree. Let’s have none at all. But we would do well to replace them with men who are actually men. What we need in our society are chivalrous, strong, respectable, productive, and self-sacrificial men. Real men, in other words. Men who protect, provide, and do all of the things that society has always depended upon men to do. If you are that sort of man, you certainly should not shut up, step to the side, or consider yourself "trash." Our culture needs your input and leadership more than ever.

It may be pointed out that there are fewer and fewer of these men available today. Again, I agree. That’s why we must raise our boys to embrace their masculinity — not apologize for it or feel ashamed of it — and carry themselves with dignity. The abuser and harasser never learned this lesson. He is an empty shell. He couldn't be a man so he decided to be a cartoon instead. He is not fueled by “toxic masculinity” or any kind of masculinity at all. He is a twisted, emotionally stunted little boy who never grew out of puberty.

The issue is not that he is a man but that he never became one. That's his problem, and ours.


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