On Sunday, comedian Owen Benjamin posted an insightful video called "A Nation of Gods" on his YouTube channel about how the family is the antidote to state control and what he describes as this unhealthy nation of "lowercase 'i'" gods.

"The family is the antidote of state control, and this awful wave of fake social justice," declares Benjamin.

In the first portion of the video, the comedian explains how our culture, with the help of me-centered technology and material decadence, helps foster a narcissistic state of being where we become defined by the external — becoming "lowercase 'i'" deities — and yet, paradoxically, also self-hating.

The Left has become both "self-obsessed and self-hating," said Benjamin. "They always look outward; they try to defend people they've never met, fight for causes they don't understand."

With this "perfect storm" of the decline of religion and the over-reliance on technological advances, we've morphed into a "nation of gods."

"A bitten apple has been associated with man's fall for thousands of years. I doubt that it is a coincidence that the symbol for the biggest tech company in the world is a bitten apple," he said, referencing the Book of Genesis and tech giant Apple.

Man has fallen further from grace with the bite of the "virtual apple, that transforms the sacred, flawed, mortal being into a false, self-perception of divinity and self-hatred," he said. "Think of that combination of the social justice warrior."

"The cruel joke of the 'i' is that it isn't even capitalized. It's a lowercase 'i', it represents the self-centered existence of the narcissist but without even the dignity of grandeur; the insignificant deity. What could be more sad? A Gollum: someone filled with self-importance and self-hate simultaneously; a person so tormented by that contradiction that they can't see they are a useful idiot to be used by someone with a capital 'I' who wants to gain power at any cost."

But "a nation of gods can't last," he said, what matters is "the children."

The comedian, once signed to one of the biggest agencies in the world alongside some of the biggest comedians and actors in the game, discussed how he gave it up after he fell in love with a woman and had a child, and how the traditional family is the antidote, how the family subverts state control.

"I'll tell you what pulls people out of that mess," said Benjamin. "It's because I had a kid, and I fell in love with a woman. And that's the one thing that will pull you out of it."

"I was on a slow, lazy river, on a hedonic treadmill to lowercase 'i', insignificant god, useful idiot path," he said. "When you have a child, and that child looks at you, and you are in the child's life, and you love the mother ... it pulls you out of that — and you're out, and you're never going back."

"You live twice in your life. You live when you live and then you live when you teach it to your kids," said Benjamin.

"There's a reason that the state, that big government, wants you to not have that," he said. "There's a reason the welfare state promotes single motherhood."

The state took minorities and made them into a voting bloc, the comedian said. The state continues to gain power as they feed off the many Gollums they create in society.

"That's why it's so important that people respect the family, because the family is the one thing that will pull you out of the great speeches, and commercials, and glitzy glamour of Hollywood, and will let you know what really actually matters," concluded Benjamin.

WATCH (relevant section begins around 1:35 mark):