WATCH: Brazilian Off-Duty Officer Carrying His Infant Son Shoots Armed Burglars Dead

On Saturday afternoon, a Brazilian off-duty police officer carrying his baby son under his arm, shot and killed two armed suspects as they attempted to rob a pharmacy. Sergeant Rafael Souza entered Bifarma in the center of Campo Limpo Paulista to purchase medicine. While his wife was speaking to the clerk, Souza saw the two hooded men, Jefferson Alves, 24, and Italo Creato, 22, burst into the pharmacy.

The Daily Mail states that Alves pointed the gun at Souza, who identified himself as a police officer. Souza said the assailant was pointing the gun at him and intended to shoot him, so he pulled his gun out and shot him at point blank range.

Souza handed his son to his wife, who was hiding behind shelves in the store, then pursued Creato, whom he reportedly also shot dead.

According to The Independent:

Paramedics later arrived to attend to the pair after the melee at Praça Castelo Branco shopping centre, but they were pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Souza, of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion in São Paulo, told investigators he shot at the men because he believed they would have opened fire first after he identified himself as a police officer.

Video below:

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