Terry Crews: Russell Simmons Told Me To Give Alleged Sexual Assaulter A 'Pass'

Simmons told Crews to "forgive" the agent who groped him at a party.

Actor and bodybuilder Terry Crews told The New York Post on Monday that hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons encouraged him to "forgive" the man who sexually assaulted Crews at a party, and to give the agent "a pass."

After Crews revealed the name of the man who allegedly fondled him at a party — Adam Venit of WME Entertainment — Crews says Simmons emailed him, urging Crews to drop the case and refrain from making any more public statements on the subject.

Crews posted the email exchange, dated November 3, to Twitter.

The revelation comes just one day after actress and model Keri Claussen Khalighi accused Simmons, in the Los Angeles Times, of sexually assaulting her with the help of film director Brett Ratner. Khalighi says that Simmons and Ratner invited her to Simmons's New York apartment to view a music video project the pair said they were collaborating on.

Once there, Khalighi claims Simmons tried to force her to have sex with him. She begged Ratner for help resisting the mega-producer, she says, but she was ignored. Instead, Khalighi claims she negotiated with Simmons to give him oral sex, and then escaped into the bathroom.

Simmons claimed to the Times that “everything that happened ... was completely consensual and with Keri’s full participation.”

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