Doing his part to assist in the framing of Hillary Clinton as heroically battling a misogynistic Donald Trump on behalf of America’s women, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews read his campaign-approved script during an interview with the eventual Democratic nominee in Iowa.

“[Trump] used the word stamina,” started Matthews, “the leading Republican candidate is out saying that you don’t have the stamina, the strength. Is this sexism? Is it what it is?”

Seemingly taking heed of Trump warning her and her husband not to “play the woman’s card,” Clinton abstained from answering the loaded left-wing question premised on the “War on Women” meme.

“Why would he go after your stamina, instead of Bill’s stamina? Or George McGovern’s stamina?"

-Chris Matthews, on his thinking George McGovern's death in 2012 was a conspiracy

“Well, you know, I have a New Year’s resolution. I will not respond to his personal attacks,” replied Clinton, feigning amusement in her attempt at an artful dodge. She deployed the same line yesterday when asked to respond to Trump’s laying of responsibility for the rise of ISIS on her shoulders.

Apparently forgetting which of the Clintons is running for president, Matthews asked about Trump’s focus on Hillary. He also seemed to believe that George McGovern is still alive.

“Why would he go after your stamina, instead of Bill’s stamina? Or George McGovern’s stamina? Or anybody else’s? Except that you’re a woman?” asked the bewildered MSNBC anchor.

Trump’s most noteworthy criticism of stamina has been directed towards Jeb Bush, who has now become branded as “low-energy.” A surrogate of the real estate mogul went further, implying that Bush has low testosterone.

Visibly uncomfortable, Clinton again avoided answering the question.

Persistent in his pursuit of enticing Clinton to attack Trump in friendly media territory, Matthews pressed on.

“He’s just gonna keep doing it. He says you’re an enabler, he’s making it personal with you,” Matthews added, to which Clinton began speaking about the costs of prescription drugs.

Matthews successfully took the hint, and shifted the subject in accordance with Clinton’s wishes.

MSNBC has noted that the Clintons have, in recent days, opted to avoid questions about Trump, all of which were delivered softly from friendly media.