WATCH: Chris Matthews: Unlike Other Leftists, I Was TOO HARD On Bill Clinton

MSNBC host bucked the trend of Democrats "rethinking" Clinton's time in office.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews claimed Saturday that unlike other Democrats, who are freshly aware of Bill Clinton's history of alleged sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape, he believes that the media was too harsh on Clinton in the 1990s — not too easy.

A steady stream of leftists and Democrats, beginning with's editorial board, have been "reconsidering" their position on Bill Clinton's White House affairs in recent days, claiming now, more than two decades later, that Clinton should have been removed from office for his Oval Office dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Matthews begins by sharply criticizing those Democrats who say Clinton's "day of reckoning" has come, and defended the former president, implying that he believed Lewinsky, not Clinton, was the predator, and that anchors were too quick to demand Clinton answer for his behavior. Matthews went on to say that the scandal hurt Clinton "unfairly."


His guest, MSNBC political contributor Stephanie Ruhle, tried to temper Matthews' remarks by pointing out that Lewinsky, who was just a young woman at the time, was clearly the victim, and that Clinton was, ultimately, impeached for lying under oath, not playing hide-the-cigar in his presidential quarters.

“We called it the Lewinsky scandal, we didn’t call it the Clinton scandal, and we looked at Monica Lewinsky as a villain — come on, Chris, she was a victim," Ruhle said.

But Matthews was unconvinced. “I’m trying to make up for the fact that I think I was too tough on Clinton,” he said.

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