CRAZIEST FACEBOOK POST EVER: Democrat Ohio Supreme Court Judge Defends Al Franken By Talking About Shtupping 50 'Very Attractive Females'

These days, politicians all over the political spectrum wake up each morning in dread that they will be hit with sexual harassment or abuse allegations. One of those politicians is clearly Bill O’Neill, Ohio Supreme Court justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, a self-proclaimed “Father. Veteran. Nurse. Ohio Supreme Court Justice. Candidate for Ohio Governor.”

In order to forestall any allegations against him, O’Neill launched an epic pre-emptive strike on Facebook:

He later edited the post to make it clearer that his first love was not actually Senator Bob Taft, and that he had not made passionate love to Taft in the hayloft of a barn in Gallipolis. He also altered the post to get rid of the references to Peter Lewis and Progressive Insurance in Cleveland — it was too obvious, apparently, that he might have been shtupping Flo or something.

For those who don’t know politics, this is not a smart way to prevent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment. But it does demonstrate that a lot of heretofore liberals are running scared of the “national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.”

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