WATCH: Roy Moore's Wife Slams 'Liberal' Media: 'He Will Not Step Down!'

On Friday, Kayla Moore, wife of embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, gave a fiery defense of her husband and blasted the "liberal" media for printing falsehoods about him. "He will not step down," Kayla assured the sympathetic crowd.

Several women have come forward to accuse Judge Moore of pursuing romantic relationships with them when they were teenagers, one of whom was allegedly 14 years old when Moore was in his 30s. The judge has denied the allegations, though many, including some on the political Right, have been unsatisfied with Moore's general denials and have viewed the women's claims as credible and serious, thus calling for the judge to step aside.

Mrs. Moore suggested the accusations were merely part of a political attack.

"The liberal press — The Washington Post, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, who also endorsed our opponent — gets involved in this race," she said.

"The people of Alabama understand what's going on here," she stated, adding that there has been overwhelming support from within Alabama, about "90%."

"So let me set the record straight: even after all the attacks against me, against my family, against the foundations, and now against my husband, he will not step down, he will not stop fighting for the people of Alabama. In his words, and I quote, 'I will not stop until they lay me in that box in the ground," concluded Mrs. Moore.

Mrs. Moore has defended her husband since the allegations first hit the media.

"I have been married to this man for 32 years. We've been together for 33 altogether," she said mere hours after allegations were launched at her husband. "He just has never, one time lifted a finger to me. He is the most gentle, most kind man that I have ever known in my life. He's godly."

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