Shapiro Announces New College Tour With YAF ... And Here's How You Can Get Him To Come To Your Campus

On Thursday, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) announced that it will be the the exclusive home of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro’s campus tour for the 2018-2019 school year.

YAF acknowledged, “In fact, the Foundation has never seen such a demand to host a speaker among students! Due to this demand, Ben Shapiro is already booked for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.”

The primary benefactor of Shapiro’s series is philanthropist Fred Allen, who was responsible for Shapiro’s first lecture tour; he is underwriting the fall component of the 2018-2019 series. Allen’s support means the students on campus who could not afford to have Shapiro speak will be able to do so.

Shapiro stated, “I am thrilled to partner with Young America’s Foundation to visit more campuses and pierce the liberal group-think bubble. I welcome students who disagree with me to attend each and every event and ask challenging questions.” Shapiro always features an extended Q&A session after his speeches, and insists that those who disagree with him go to the front of the line.

Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation, asserted, “We are proud to partner with Ben Shapiro to ensure more students have the opportunity to hear conservative ideas from a leading conservative mind. Too many young people become liberal by osmosis, and Ben will ensure increasing numbers of students will receive a more balanced education.”

Shapiro has given over 35 campus lectures organized by YAF since 2015, and the people that have watched those lectures online numbers in the millions. The first lecture that was watched by hundreds of thousands of people occurred at the University of Missouri on November 2015. Some of Shapiro’s speeches have became notable for the enmity those on the Left have displayed, whether near-riots at Cal State Los Angeles, people trying to break down the doors at Penn State University, protesters forming a wall in front of him as he spoke at the University of Wisconsin, being threatened with arrest if he set foot on the DePaul University campus, or, most recently, the city of Berkeley, CA, having to shell out $600,000 for security and retain 700 police officers because of threats from Antifa protesters.

Students who wish to host Ben Shapiro should visit Young America’s Foundation’s website at

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