BAH HUMBUG: 'Morning Joe' Scarborough Is Releasing An Anti-Trump Christmas Album

"A Very Drumpf Christmas" drops on Friday.

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" is putting out an EP this week, and it might just be the perfect holiday gift for that all those people on your list you'd prefer to never see again after December.

On Friday, Scarborough is releasing his holiday album — one of 12 monthly records he's promised to release because everything is terrible — and it's dedicated to bashing Donald Trump. Titled, "A Very Drumpf Christmas," the album features cover artwork that mashes the president with the coldly anti-Christmas Dr. Seuss villain, The Grinch, and holiday-themed "protest songs" designed to tickle your progressive fancy.

According to the lucky folks at Business Insider, who received an advanced copy of "A Very Drumpf Christmas," the EP comes "complete with sleigh-bell jingles, lyrics about reindeer, and a track titled 'The Drumpf,' a jazzy, ballad-tempo cut" that riffs off the famous Grinch theme song, "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," but with much snazzier lyrics.

"Oh you can save our Christmas from going kerplumf, from that orange creep that children call the Drumpf?" Scarborough croons, over a full rock band.

Business Insider also mentions that the song pays tribute to ten-day White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, because of course it does.

Although this is Scarborough's first musical attempt to ruin Christmas, it turns out he's been putting out singles for several months now, likely in an effort to torture his fans into complete submission. "The Drumpf" is one of several "protest songs" in his current repertoire; he said in an interview earlier this year that he finds the Trump era "very inspiring," and plans to keep putting out EPs so long as he continues to come up with musical hot takes on current events.

He also, reportedly, does regular gigs at a club on Manhattan's Upper West Side, in case you want to see "The Drumpf" performed live.

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