Roy Moore’s attorney attempted to cast doubt on the story of one of Moore’s accusers on Wednesday by bringing into question the legitimacy of a yearbook inscription that Moore says he did not write.

Moore’s attorney, Phillip L. Jauregui, focused on the accusations made by Beverly Young Nelson, 56, who made her allegations in a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred on Monday. Part of the accusations made by Nelson centered around a yearbook that she claims Moore signed at the time which proves that he knew her and, based on the inscription in the yearbook, was interested in her.

Jauregui called for the yearbook to be released so experts could determine if the handwriting in it matches Moore’s handwriting.

"Look at the 1977 after merry Christmas, look at those two 7s and then look below at the 77. And I want to ask you: do you think it was written by the same person?" Jauregui said. "I want you to look at 'old hickory house' which they say judge Moore wrote. Judge Moore says there is no way in the world that’s his handwriting."

Jauregui continued by saying that they want an expert to look into those issues in addition to other alleged inconsistencies in the yearbook.


Shortly after the press conference, Allred responded to Jauregui’s call for the yearbook to be released for examination.

Allred told Wolf Blitzer Wednesday that she'd agree to have experts analyze the book if Moore agrees to testify under oath at a Senate hearing. Nelson, said Allred, is willing to testify. Mediaite reports:

Blitzer pressed Allred on whether she can “say flatly” that the signature is not a forgery. Allred reiterated she’s willing to have an independent expert look at it.

“We’re not denying, we’re not admitting, we’re not addressing,” she said. “We will not be distracted. And we will pursue a just result for our client.”