DUI Lawyer BUSTED After Pantsless Rampage In Rutherford, New Jersey

A New Jersey attorney is finding himself on the other side of the law after he went on a pantsless rampage around Rutherford, which ended when he "strutted" into a strangers home wearing nothing but a shirt, a pair of high heels, and a smile.

The New York Post reports that Justin Christodoro will face charges of criminal trespass, and likely for possession of the controlled substance MDMA — or "Ecstasy" — after neighbors in Rutherford, New Jersey, spotted Christodoro passed out in his car in front of the home he accidentally invaded.

Cops say the residents were home and watching television on Saturday afternoon around 4:45 p.m. when Christodoro entered through an unlocked back door, wearing only a black shirt and a pair of black pumps, and announced "I'm here!" Christodoro apparently realized he was in the wrong house, and left through the same back door, stumbled to his car, drove to a neighboring subdivision in Hackensack, and pulled into a random driveway, but fell asleep before he was able to sort out his proper location.

The homeowner found Christodoro in his car, still sans pants, and called police, who recognized him from his earlier surprise appearance in Rutherford. After collecting the sotted lawyer, officers say they found a plastic baggie with a white substance under the seat of his car, which they took to be MDMA.

Christodoro did not offer any commentary on his joyride to the Post, but commercials for his law firm are posted on YouTube.

Strangely enough, Christodoro specializes in DUI and drug offenses.


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