UNSURPRISING: Israel Offers Aid To Victims Of Iran-Iraq Earthquake. Iran Rejects The Offer.

On Wednesday, in a live Q&A with a gathering of the Jewish Federations in Los Angeles, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made public his country’s offer of medical assistance to the victims of the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck on Sunday on the border of Iran and Iraq. Roughly 500 people were killed; another 7,500 were injured.

Despite the fact that the mullahs in Iran who run the theocratic regime have consistently called for the destruction of Israel, Netanyahu stated:

Now I just saw the pictures of the destruction in Iran and Iraq following this week’s earthquake, and I saw these heartbreaking images of men and women and children buried under the rubble. So I’m proud to announce that a few hours ago, I directed that we offer the Red Cross medical assistance for the Iraqi and Iranian victims of this disaster. Now, you heard me right; I’ve said many times that we have no quarrel with the people of Iran. Our quarrel is only with the tyrannical regime that holds them hostage and threatens our destruction. But our humanity is greater than their hatred.

Unsurprisingly, Iran rejected Israel’s offer.

Israel is justifiably famous for offering medical help to victims of disasters around the world for over 50 years. Here’s a short list:

In 1965, Israel offered to send antibiotics, X-ray films and other pharmaceutical and medical supplies to the victims of a catastrophic earthquake in Chile.

In 2004, Israel sent relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and first response aid after the 2004 tsunami with 60 tons of international aid to Indonesia, and 82 tons of relief to Sri Lanka.

After the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, Israel sent a mission offering supplies and shelter for thousands of families.

In 2009, Israel sent medical aid to the Philippines after Typhoon Parma.

In 2010, Israel's relief team of 200 people was the first to arrive to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

In 2011, Israel was the first country to send medical aid to Japan after a huge tsunami hit the country.

In 2012, Israel offered to receive casualties who were evacuated from Syria after the violence in Syria; some Israeli doctors were even on the Syrian-Turkish border treating victims of the Syrian violence.

Last July, The Washington Post reported:

It is well documented that Israel has provided emergency medical treatment to Syrian fighters seeking help. As many as 3,000 wounded individuals have made their way to the border and received lifesaving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals before returning to their homeland. … As part of the effort, Israel has transferred 360 tons of food, 450,000 liters of gasoline and 50 tons of clothing to Syria. It has also sent large quantities of painkillers, anesthetics and basic medicine for diabetes and asthma.

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