Jon Stewart, who's hosting HBO's “Night of Too Many Stars,” was asked by TMZ about HBO pulling Louis C.K. from the lineup of the show, and asserted that not all of Hollywood’s stars are “scumbags” in real life.

The TMZ reporter asked, “The 'Night of Too Many Stars' is coming up. I just want to ask if it was still a good decision to take Louis off the lineup?”

Stewart answered, “I think it was, yeah. I think we all feel sh**** about what happened and comedy’s a hard business for women without that other stuff on top of it.”

TMZ reporter: “His manager said that he had kinda been covering up what he thought was maybe more like cheating; what I want to ask is, everyone trusts you. Is this a norm in Hollywood and we just need to expect all of our heroes to fall in the next year?”

Stewart responded, “I mean, you mean like women having to fight a ton of crap to just do their job?”

TMZ reporter, “And also, like, a lot of these guys that we fell in love with their public persona or their artist’s persona. Are a lot of people as different in real life as they are in television?”

Stewart answered, “To be perfectly honest, I can’t say to you, like, ‘Oh, yeah, everybody you like is a scumbag.’ Like, no. That’s not been my experience. But I do believe that there are systemic issues that make it harder for women to get rid of that have to be addressed in some way. Maybe if this rips that open, maybe some good will come of it, but …”

TMZ reporter, “Louis’ situation is very different from a guy like Harvey Weinstein; it’s similar yet different. Do you think Louis can have any semblance of a career beyond this?”

Stewart, before walking away, “I don’t think that’s the concern right now.”

Video below: