If Donald Trump had been repeatedly accused of committing sexual assault and rape, would the media summarize it simply as his “past”? Following a rally for his wife’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton was asked just that by an ABC reporters. The ambiguous and open-ended framing of this question fits into a pattern of behavior from left-wing media in its attempt to bury these allegations while presenting Monica Lewinsky as the alpha and omega of the former president's history of sexual impropriety.

The question asked by ABC news is phrased in a way that frames Trump as aggressing on Bill Clinton with attacks on his character, with the former president invited to set the boundaries of acceptable political discussion in this dimension. Watch his awkward response, and note that he refuses to criticize Trump despite having done so many times in recent months - including implications of Trump being racist and xenophobic.

“If I may, Mr. President. Donald Trump says your past is fair game. I’ve gotta ask you, with you coming up on the trail, is it fair game?” asked an ABC reporter. No mention was made of the nature of Bill Clinton’s past, which does not begin and end with Monica Lewinsky.

MSNBC did much the same, asking for Bill Clinton’s feelings on Trump.

“How do you feel about the kind of campaign Donald Trump is running, sir?” asked Andrea Mitchell. Like ABC, Mitchell made no mention of specific allegations made against him, or of the criticisms from Trump. Indeed, Mitchell opted to not even mention his past or history.

A week ago, Mitchell described Trump’s campaign as deploying “anti-Muslim” rhetoric. Mitchell presents herself as an objective journalist.

Speaking at a campaign rally on Monday in Iowa, Hillary Clinton refused to directly comment on Trump’s assertion that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy, in part executed via her former capacity as Secretary of State, led to the rise of ISIS.

"I've adopted a New Year's resolution," said Clinton in avoiding the request for comment, "I'm gonna let him live in his alternative reality and I'm not gonna respond."

Given the Clintons' recent denigrations of Trump as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and “Islamophobic,” their newfound reticence in criticizing the New York City billionaire was noted by MSNBC as a departure from protocol.

"It's interesting, because of course the Clintons' political pedigree or their political history is that you hit them once and they deck you, like, in the face eighteen times in response, and that they have this sort of disproportionate response is what people expect. They're employing a very different strategy, which is basically rope-a-dope. They're basically saying, 'Let [Trump] go ahead an come at us, we're not gonna give him any sound bites that he can then use in his next stump speech," said MSNBC's Joy Reid.

Chris Matthews said Trump’s recent description of Hillary Clinton as an enabler of her husband’s sexual predation was “beyond indecent”. Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and Paula Jones have all alleged that Hillary Clinton sought to silence them through intimidation.

Willey specifically described Hillary Clinton as an “enabler” of the sexual abuse allegedly committed by her husband.

Matthews recently labeled Senator Ted Cruz as an “enemy of the state”, and who agrees with the President’s description of Republican opposition being motivated by hatred and racism.

CNN’s Don Lemon has also shut down discussion on two occasions on allegations of Bill Clinton’s commission of sexual abuse and rape.

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