Along with surprising allegations, some familiar names are now popping up in connection with the wave of sexual harassment and sexual assault claims sweeping Hollywood and the entertainment industry. On Tuesday, Radar Online published documents indicating that John Travolta was accused of "sexual battery" by a male massage therapist in 2000, and that therapist went on to file a police report.

This is the third such allegation against Travolta, though the previous ones were made in 2012, long before Hollywood became obsessed with rooting out and exposing it's hidden sex pests.

According to Radar Online and the Daily Beast, a 21-year-old California man filed a police report in 2000, indicating that during a private, late night session at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, John Travolta urged his massage therapist to "focus" on his buttocks. Then, once excited, the masseur alleges that Travolta exposed himself, made lewd suggestions, and touched the masseur's thighs, back, and rear end.

According to the documents, published by Radar Online, the masseur was summoned to the hotel at 1:30 a.m. The spa, he claimed, had been opened specifically for Travolta’s use only. Travolta, 63, allegedly asked the masseur to concentrate on his buttocks.

Travolta, the masseur alleged, “kept removing the towel… and exposing his buttocks” as he received the massage.

After that massage was complete, they allegedly went into another room where the masseur gave Travolta a “citrus scrub.”

The police took a report, but never followed up on charges because they determined that at least some of the contact was consensual.

Travolta has not commented on this particular claim, but has denied similar claims in the past. In 2012, one of Travolta's alleged victims — whose story is almost identical to the one above — filed a civil suit against the actor seeking damages from "sexual battery and harassment." According to TMZ, that male massage therapist was working on Travolta in his private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel when Travolta reportedly exposed himself and came on to the masseur.

At least one other male massage therapist joined in that lawsuit. A Royal Caribbean Cruise Line employee also filed suit against Travolta, alleging similar behavior.

Both lawsuits were eventually dismissed, one voluntarily.

In 2013, the now-defunct gossip website, Gawker, obtained evidence that Travolta's production company had filed several claims with its insurance, one of which appeared to be a payout to the 2012 accuser.