The "what about" game gets tired after a while.

This country is overstocked with hypocrites so there's always a "what about" available. Whatever a person is pretending to believe or care about today, you can almost certainly find an example in the not-so-distant past when they didn't believe or care about that thing at all. We're all moral relativists now. Most of us, anyway. At a certain point, if you want to move any conversation forward, you just have to accept the fact that the two sides in whatever debate have been chosen solely for expedience. Nobody cares about the truth. Nobody has integrity. They're all full of it. And there's almost no reason to point it out anymore.

Almost, I say. Almost. Because even amidst the orgy of hypocrites, there are some hypocrisies so blatant and morally reprehensible that I don't think we can simply slide past them. Especially this one particular hypocrisy, which I would argue gave birth to the current hyper-partisan environment where voters are willing to tolerate literally any misbehavior from a politician, so long as the politician has the right letter next to his name. It truly seems like this hypocrisy was the beginning of some kind of sickness in our culture. It may be worthwhile, in that case, to revisit it. So, while even I'm tired of the "what about Clinton" game, I must say: seriously though, what about Clinton?

The Roy Moore allegations have of course prompted a lot of laughably self-righteous blathering from the Left. Suddenly these people have decided that every sex assault or rape accuser must be believed, every accusation against a prominent man must be given the undivided attention of the entire country, and any man accused of these crimes must be drummed out of public life. Democrat politicians have been especially eager to climb the soapbox and lecture Republican voters about the "danger" of electing such a man. The media has fished through Moore's closet to find skeletons of past sexual improprieties, again showing their ability to do investigative journalism only when the investigation may have politically advantageous results.

So, what are we supposed to do here? Are we supposed to just ignore and forget the fact that these very same people twice elected an alleged rapist to the White House, and then, just last year, tried to elect his wife, who reportedly intimidated and silenced the accusers? Are we supposed to allow the Left to pretend that the last 3 decades they spent bowing to the Clinton Machine never happened? Are we really supposed to take anything they say about Roy Moore seriously? How can we? Even if I wanted to, I don't know how.

Bill Clinton, who held a position far more powerful than Senator from Alabama, was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. Right around the time that Roy Moore was allegedly seducing teenage girls, Bill Clinton was allegedly pinning Broaddrick down on his hotel bed, biting her lip to keep her from screaming for help, and brutally raping her. And Clinton's alleged predatory behavior didn't stop once he reached the White House. While there, allegedly, he sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey, kissing her without consent and forcing her hand onto his erect penis. He also exposed himself to Paula Jones shortly before becoming president, allegedly. Yet he was made president, and then made president again, and then liberals tried to put him back in the White House last year by electing his wife, who allegedly led the campaign to silence and discredit her husband's victims.

How many of these liberals, who are apoplectic about a guy with a potentially unsavory past becoming a Senator in Alabama, expressed any reservations at all about making a potential rapist President of the United States? How many Democrat politicians, currently fainting over the Moore allegations, ever whispered the faintest protest against Clinton, the alleged serial sex predator? I wonder even how many establishment Republicans, who are quick to disavow Moore, ever said a single word about Clinton's rape accusations?

I think the answer is close to zero on every count.

We cannot live in the past forever. Neither can we pretend it never happened. Liberals must finally admit that they put an accused rapist in the White House and that they were wrong for doing so. They must apologize. Apologize not only to the country, which has been forever sullied by the moral depravity of the sex criminal they elected to its highest office, but especially to Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and, while we're at it, Monica Lewinsky, who was a young and powerless intern when the President of the United States began grooming her for sexual conquest.

And even after they have made these mea culpas, they must realize that they are in no position at all to pass judgment on Roy Moore's supporters. Leave that to the folks who didn't put an alleged rapist in the Oval Office. You have forever forfeited your right to be morally outraged by these kinds of things. Go away and be silent. Or keep talking if you wish, but realize that we can't take you seriously. You didn't care at all about rape accusations for 30 years. You can't start now, when it's convenient. Even in a land of hypocrites, that's a bridge too far.