Rush Limbaugh Hilariously Explains Media Not Getting Trump's 'Funniest Tweet Ever'

"They literally cannot sense humor."

Rush Limbaugh did what he does best on his top-rated radio show Monday, which, of course, is having some fun at the perpetually miserable "drive-by" media's expense. In a segment on "one of the funniest tweets ever" by President Trump, Limbaugh came to the conclusion that the media doesn't just lack a sense of humor, "they literally cannot sense humor."

"Now, here’s the Trump tweet, and this is classic, because the media did not get that Trump was making a joke, which is what makes this funny," said Limbaugh. "This may be one of the funniest tweets you've ever heard. Let me read it to you":

Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old,’"when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend — and maybe someday that will happen!

In response to Trump's obviously tongue and cheek tweet, Limbaugh noted, "the Left and the media are melting."

"'Presidents shouldn’t talk like this. Presidents shouldn’t be insulting foreign leaders like this. This isn’t how it’s done. This isn’t presidential. This isn’t the proper decorum,'" said Limbaugh mockingly.

"So it establishes once again these people don’t have a sense of humor," he said. "They literally cannot sense humor. It just doesn’t occur to them. But their hatred, their willful hatred of Trump is so visceral that they're incapable of seeing satire or parody. I mean, this is hilarious. He just called Kim Jong-un short and fat, while denying that he ever did it. It’s hilarious and they’re all just beside themselves about this."

Limbaugh pointed to Trump's "short and fat" tweet as a perfect example of how he effortlessly toys with the media, like getting a cat to chase a laser pointer.

"If you have a cat, you can drive the cat nuts with the laser pointer," he explained. "The cat can never figure it out. Some people think it’s cruel if you just keep doing it. The cat will continue to try to chase it, it will paw it, and it will try to catch it. ... These Trump tweets, Trump speeches, they’re like the laser pointer to a cat."

He continued, "Trump drives these people insane — primarily with his tweets — and they can’t nail him down. They can’t pin him down. They can’t figure it out. All they do is react in ways that demonstrate they are the ones who don’t get it."

And what's worse for the media, said Limbaugh, is that they don't realize that most of America sees right through them. The result is the media's blindness to their own biases — particularly their glaring bias against Trump — is alienating a significant percentage of the country and further undermining the media's credibility.

"I think we live in an age where more and more of the general population of the country recognize now that the Drive-By Media is basically a shill for the Democrat Party," said Limbaugh. "And if they don’t think that, they are still arriving at the conclusion that the media is not balanced, and it isn’t fair, and it isn’t unbiased. I really believe more and more people are waking up to this. Now, there are a number of reasons for it, but not the least of which is the media itself. ... This past year — 13, 14 months now — it’s hard to miss that there is outright hatred for Donald Trump on the part of the media. I think this has caused people to notice it more now than they ever have."

With decades of increasingly overt leftwing biases among the media, along with the advent of social media that allows people to expose those biases, the media's once unassailable position has crumbled — and the media is "beside themselves" over it.

"If you read these stories, their rage is inescapable," said Limbaugh. "And their rage is at the voters who should have known by now, should have seen the light by now, should have believed what the media has been inundating them with. And these people remain loyal to Trump, and so the media writes of these people as they’re the biggest fools and dunderheads on the planet. I just think we’ve reached a point where the media is no longer automatically accepted as the source authority."

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