The liberal media goes out of its way to bash President Trump.

No, seriously, like way out of its way. In fact, the MSM has no problem with maliciously splicing videos or cropping photos — even his comments have been edited in an attempt to make him look like a buffoon.

First it was goldfish feeding. Then his comments on Japanese cars. Now, the handshake.

On Monday, Trump attended the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Manila, Philippines. Like many of the meetings packed with world leaders, there's always a "family photo" — all the leaders together, smiling.

In this case, the ASEAN photo came after the White House had excluded some press from another world summit in Vietnam. And New York Times photographer Doug Mills was not happy.

So the next day, when photogs were allowed to shoot the ASEAN event, Mills tweeted out this photo.

That prompted The Washington Post to post this on Twitter:

That's right, The Post, once a bastion of integrity, boasted about getting "revenge" on the president of the United States as he met abroad with foreign leaders.

Members of the Trump-hating media gushed over Mills' "revenge" photo. Said one NBC News "off-air" reporter (whatever that is):

Said the White House reporter for the liberal Associated Press:

A Washington Post reporter, David Nakamura, was first to cast the photo as "revenge" in a piece published by the paper. "On Monday, Mills got his revenge at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit here with Trump in Manila. Admitted with the pool for a few minutes to observe the annual ritual of the ASEAN leaders' 'family photo,' Mills snapped a quick frame that spread quickly through social media after he posted it online," Nakamura wrote.

But Trump wasn't grimacing as shown in the picture. In fact, it was all light-hearted as many leaders fumbled to follow the instructions of the photographer, who directed the leaders to pose for the “ASEAN handshake—right hand over left.” What's more, the 6-foot-4-inch president was beside two diminutive men, making the twisted handshake more difficult. See the video below.

During Trump's 12-day trip to Asia, the MSM also falsely blasted Trump for dumping fish food into a pond while saying the Japanese prime minister lovingly tossed spoonfuls. In fact, Shinzo Abe had dumped his boxful of food first. See this dishonest CNN article for coverage.
And they wonder why Trump calls them "fake news."