Mike Pence At Texas Church Shooting Vigil: ‘Heroes Give Us Hope’

"Our faith gives us hope ..."

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen attended the First Baptist Church Prayer Vigil to honor the victims and survivors of the Sutherland Springs, Texas mass shooting.

The vigil took place at the Floresville High School Football Stadium on Wednesday. After hearing remarks from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Pence took the podium, making an impassioned statement to those in attendance.

Pence said, “[I]t's especially humbling to be with the precious families of the fallen and injured from the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. You honor us by your presence tonight.”

He continued, “Words fail when saints and heroes fall. We gather tonight to offer our deepest condolences, and I offer the condolences of the American people to all of those affected by the horrific attack that took place just three days ago.”

Pence took a moment to promise that the White House would support the community during this time. “President Trump wanted us to come to Texas tonight to tell all of you, we are with you. The American people are with you. And as the President said Sunday, halfway around the world, ‘We will never leave your side.’”

The vice president paid tribute to the victims of the shooting, honoring their memory. “So we mourn with those who mourn, and we grieve with those who grieve, but we do not grieve like those who have no hope. Because our faith gives us hope, and heroes give us hope,” he said.

He thanked law enforcement and first responders to the scene, adding, “And we find inspiration and hope in those Texas heroes, Stephen Willeford, the plumber who grabbed his rifle and engaged the assailant, and Johnnie Langendorff, both of whom we just met, who pursued that attacker in a high-speed chase and saved the lives of Americans as a result.”

Watch the speech below:


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