NOOOO: Sandra Bullock To Play Wendy Davis In New Pro-Abortion Film

Another one bites the dust

Actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly signed-on to play former Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, better known as "Abortion Barbie," in a film romanticizing Davis' 2013 filibuster against pro-life legislation, which ultimately ended in epic failure.

The film, called Let Her Speak, will reportedly track Davis' 11-hour filibuster that gained national attention in June of 2013. Davis delayed a pro-life bill to the endless applause of pro-abort Democrats and the media. But the bill became law just a month later and, ironically, the feminist ended up immensely helping Republicans with her failed run for the governorship in 2014, which hinged off the much-ballyhooed filibuster.

"The package will now be shopped to studios and should court several suitors over the next week," reports Variety.

The news that Bullock has agreed to star in a film glorifying the taking of unborn children's lives under the facade of "feminism" and "equality" might be a shock to pro-life conservatives, or at least a disappointment.

While most Hollywood stars are deserved recipients of contempt from most of Middle America for their endless left-leaning political pontifications and condescending tirades, Bullock has managed to largely stay above the fray. The Blind Side star had managed to stay mostly apolitical, side-stepping any Trump-bashing, refraining from spewing hateful words for his supporters (it's a low bar), and winning some deserved favor with conservatives for her generous $1 million donation to Texas-based relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

What are the odds Lena Dunham got her feminist hooks in Sandy? You heard it here first, folks.


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