CNN's Jake Tapper SCHOOLS Obama Aides Who Claimed Former President Flouted Chinese Media Ban

Not so fast, boys!

CNN's Jake Tapper schooled left-leaning media and some of former President Obama's top aides Thursday after they claimed on social media that President Obama was better prepared than President Trump to sidestep China's myriad rules and regulations when he visited the foreign superpower on official visits.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told journalists at a morning press conference that President Trump had refused to take questions from the press at a joint news briefing held with Chinese president Xi Jinping, at the request of the Chinese government.

The news sent left-leaning journalists into a tailspin of criticism, with prominent members of the media lashing out at Trump for caving to pressure from Chinese officials to maintain China's oppressive restrictions on the press. NBC's Chuck Todd led the charge, accusing the Trump team of failing to "push back" against censorship.

Members of the Obama Administration quickly piled on, claiming that their fearless leader had fought tooth-and-nail against restricting the press, and had been more forceful with the Chinese government than the "weak" Trump team.

Former Press Secretary Jay Carney patted himself on the back for negotiating a deal with Chinese press officials to force a question and answer period after Obama's joint news briefing, and called the Trump display "embarrassing."

Former Obama aide Ben Rhodes, who is notorious for subtly rewriting history in order to cement his former boss' legacy, joined in.

But it seems the pair's memories go back only a few years, to Obama's second term in office and second major trip to China. On his first trip in 2009, Obama was also widely criticized for caving to Chinese demands and scratching a press conference.

Jake Tapper reminded them.


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