Mashable used to be a place I liked going to for quirky YouTube videos that made me smile, or trending topics on social media, and occasionally opinions on a new blockbuster movie or tech release. But, like many things that went downhill in 2016, Mashable soon became an anti-GOP, anti-Trump, blithering whiny place of leftists.

So, for months I have stayed away. This morning I found myself perusing their pages and came upon a hidden gem of a piece that made me chuckle in my coffee: “Trump has changed dating forever. Ugh.”

Writer Cassie Murdoch writes: “Trump’s chaotic reign has forced us all to think about politics morning and night …” She claims there was no escape even when trying to find someone with whom to binge watch television.

Where was she during the Obama administration when they were targeting nuns, Tea Party groups and refusing to assist homeschool families fleeing persecution? Also, if we’re talking binge watching TV being affected by politics, she’s obviously oblivious to the subliminal and even blatant political notes from Hollywood that conservatives have been dealing with for YEARS. The latest episode of This is Us featured at least 4 “Obama/Biden” signs, magnets and pins in the first 60 seconds. Let alone the garbage Shonda Rhimes has been writing into her shows for the last decade.

Further proving that the author has never encountered a real conservative, she continues that how you view Trump will solely depend on your party affiliation. This is obviously not true. She should listen to Ben Shapiro’s podcast sometime.

The author does break into some recent data that is rather fascinating, though. There seems to be a growth of interest regarding the intersection of politics and dating. As someone who takes Jesus’ “don’t be unequally yoked” motto very seriously (and tells her single friends to apply this to dating someone of their own political affiliation and core beliefs), I can see the appeal of wanting to know someone’s political stance before going on that potentially awkward first date.

Women will receive 23% “more requests” when they mention Donald J. Trump “in any context” in their profiles and men see 8% more messages from women when they mention politics. This data came from a recent eHarmony study of their constituents.

The Mashable author notes:

This isn’t totally representative of the dating world at large, since eHarmony’s users lean slightly to the conservative side of the spectrum. But there’s plenty of evidence that vocally liberal ladies are getting noticed too on sites like OKCupid.

Murdoch continues:

It seems the uncertainty brought on by the election and Trump’s time in office have increased people’s desire for companionship, Gotta find someone to hang out with in your nuclear bunker.

There goes that nuclear line again. And, let’s be honest folks, liberals don’t prep for Armageddon; conservative Americans do.