Joe Biden is positioning himself to be the savior of the Democratic party, taking credit for some of the big victories Democrats won in the off-year elections Tuesday night.

"Nearly every candidate I endorsed won," the former vice president told supporters in an email on Wednesday, designed to raise money for Biden's SuperPAC. "Nearly every candidate I endorsed," he repeated, "was elected."

Biden is enjoying a return to prominence now that he's no longer giving important speeches on a daily basis, a recipe for epic Biden faux pas. The Rust Belt liberal believes he is the most effective foil to Donald Trump, who won on the backs of blue collar, often Blue State Democrats who switched parties, drawn by Trump's populist economic message.

Biden has also made headlines this week for being Donna Brazile's top choice to replace faltering candidate Hillary Clinton, after Clinton collapsed in New York during the final months of the campaign.

Biden is Democrats' top choice for the 2020 mid-term election, just behind Michelle Obama who is neither qualified to hold higher office, nor interested in running.

He's just above Bernie Sanders, who will be over 80 during the next election cycle. He's well ahead of Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, two women who believe they can take up Clinton's "feminist" mantle, but whose politics are either closer to Sanders', or undefined enough to be malleable in the next several years.

Biden's next step will be the Alabama Senate race where he'll back a Democratic candidate for the open seat left vacant when Jeff Sessions became attorney general.