Indian Pastor Assaulted, Nearly Killed By Hindu Extremists

He was in a coma for two days...

A Christian minister in the Telangana state region of India was assaulted by Hindu extremists who wanted to kill him after he converted several villagers living in the small town of Jangi Thanda.

Pastor Banothu Sevya was intercepted early in October on his way home from preaching in Jamandlapalli village by several men identified as Hindu extremists. They proceeded to beat the minister, intending to kill him.

Sevya told Morning Star News in an interview that the assailants had threatened his life on at least two separate occasions, accusing him of tricking Banjara tribal people into false conversions.

“I didn’t see where they came from. They pushed me off the bike and started beating me with sticks and kicking me. My nose and ears were bleeding. I lost my consciousness,” he said.

Pastor Sevya continued, “But I didn’t pay attention, knowing that when the Lord’s work is taken up, there will be hurdles, and I never complained the police officials.”

He added, “I told them, ‘I only share the gospel, that we are all sinners, and this world is to come to an end some day. Only Jesus Christ can cleanse us from the sins. He was crucified for our sake, and rose again to present us eternal life. I ask them if there is life in the rocks, trees and water. Why worship them?’”

Pastor Sevya preached in Jamandlapalli village, where he converted five families to Christianity. Hindu extremists began making threats following these ‘miraculous’ conversions.

After the attack, his wife, Banothu Anusha, was contacted by the hospital where she was told he suffered from blood clots in the cerebral area, brain coordination problems, injury to his eye and a damaged eardrum. He remained in a coma for forty-eight hours.

Anusha filed a police report, but the authorities have done little to investigate the attack as the assailants were masked. Sevya chose not to pursue the investigation further.

Pastor Sevya ministers at small congregation in the small village of in Sri Raja Thanda in the Mahabubabad District. They are constructing a new place of worship.

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