'EVERYDAY OBJECTS': Tiffany & Co Selling $9,000 Ball Of Yarn, $1,500 Coffee Can

The idle rich really do live in a different world.

How else to explain a new home collection line of what Tiffany & Co. is calling "everyday objects" — at extraordinary prices.

There's this wonderful little ball of yarn — except it's made of pure silver. "Here, we’ve reimagined an everyday yarn ball in handspun strands of textured sterling silver, rendering the ordinary extraordinary. This piece is one of a limited edition of five handmade in New York in 2017."

Only five?! Better hurry!

Then there's this gotta' have: A sterling silver coffee can. "The Everyday Objects collection transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art. This classic coffee can gets a Tiffany twist in sterling silver."

Then there's this wonderful item everyone needs. "Woven from delicate strands of silver and housing three Tiffany Blue® blue porcelain eggs, this whimsical limited edition design was inspired by a 1969 engagement ad from the Tiffany Archives. This piece is one of a limited edition of five handmade in New York in 2017."

And at $10,000, you better believe those three little porcelain eggs are included!

You can get a solid gold paper clip ($1,500), a sterling silver party hat ($1,000) and a silver Band-Aid box ($600).

But they also have some dumb stuff (!).

Tiffany offers two table tennis paddles for $650, featuring leather grips and "reclaimed American walnut with sterling silver engravable plaques" — you know, so you can put your names on them.

And of course there's a sterling silver "pill box" that looks like a Chinese food takeout box, which Tiffany says is "the embodiment of wit and whimsy."

For kids, there's Tiffany's version of Lego building blocks, made from walnut and sterling silver, for $1,500 — that gets you a set of 10, so you'll need, like, 20 sets to build anything. And there's a sterling silver and walnut yo-yo for $350.

The haughty set of everyday objects drew scorn on social media, the Daily Mail reported.

"If you have an extra $9,000 laying around and you choose to spend it on a Tiffany’s ball of yarn you're going to hell sorry I don’t make the rules," wrote one user.

Another said of the coffee can: "One of the dumbest things I have ever seen in my life. Well done."

However, not every person online seems to hate the collection, with several even praising a few of the pricey designs

"Plotting how I can fit a new $55 @TiffanyAndCo coffee mug into my budget," mused one user. "It’s perfect and I need it. Yes, need it."


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