As the mother of two daughters (4 years old and 3 months old), who regularly attends church with my family and who is from a small town in middle America no one has ever heard of, I was struck with fear, worry, heartache and pain for a small Texas town like Sutherland Springs.

What happened at that church was Hell on earth. A congregation of families and friends gathered to learn about Jesus, to worship their Heavenly Father, to experience fellowship and to pray, and they were mercilessly gunned down by a madman who did not share their faith or their humanity.

Many of the media reports reveal that the youngest victim was 18 months old. I am crying as I type that, an 18-month-old, a child barely able to walk and talk, was murdered. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News also mentioned the death of one of the victims was a pregnant mother. Some early news reports stated Crystal Holcombe, who was gunned down with three of her five children and her in-laws, was 20 weeks pregnant. Other reports claim she was 8 months pregnant.

As leftists cry out about gun control and implementing more laws to make it more difficult for bad guys to get guns, let’s take a moment to look at the abortion laws that they advocate for.

Liberals want us to ban weapons that they think only work to end life. They never recognize the two million incidents a year in which guns work as a tool to protect and defend people, even as they advocate for the murder of the most innocent life, that of a child in their mother’s womb.

In every state in the U.S., abortion is legal up until the 20th week. In 11 states abortion is prohibited after 20 weeks, and in seven states Mrs. Holcombe would have been able to walk into an abortion clinic and end her child’s life, and the Left would have cheered.

In fact they have, that is why #shoutyourabortion is a trend on social media at least once a year as celebrities flock to defend Planned Parenthood and give them money.

Today, church leaders across the country are rightly looking into their security measures, armed or not, and having to cope with the loss of their Christian brothers and sisters in Texas. Many of them are wondering, “What if this had been in our sanctuary?” “How do we prepare our church for an assault like this?” “What would we have done?” They should also be looking to what they are preaching and how they address not just mass shootings but all political issues affecting their flock in this day and age.

Last week, when Hillsong New York senior pastor Carl Lentz was asked by Joy Behar on ABC’s The View about abortion, he pivoted and did not address that it is: 1. Murder, and 2. a sin.

Sadly, in young hipster churches today celebrity pastors find it more important to speak out against the 1st and 2nd Amendments, as seen here, here, and here, than to preach what the Bible says about human life and its value on earth and to God. In one of these churches, my family walked out after a member of the teaching staff (the same week David Daleiden released undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts) started his teaching on God’s unconditional love by proclaiming that it was awful that Cecil the Lion was murdered and “cops just need to stop killing black people.”

How heartbreaking is it that these pastors did not defend life in those moments? That Mr. Lentz, while on a national stage, when he had the chance, did not defend an unborn child? How sobering is it that when given the chance, Lentz hasn’t spoken out on social media about this gunman. He hasn’t defended the “likely Trump voters” or the assaults some on social media have made about “thoughts and prayers.”

It is interesting that like many members of the Left, Lentz and other pastors strategically speak out about political issues when they care or it is beneficial for their argument or counterpoint. They say that silence speaks volumes. Their silence on the sanctity of life speaks volumes too. The fact that he remained silent on abortion means it is not as much of a priority to him as these other issues he is comfortable discussing from the pulpit. If he cared deeply about racism, he spoke out and attacked President Trump for his remarks post-Charlottesville, maybe he should look at the statistics of black babies being murdered at the hands of abortionists and Planned Parenthood in this country.

A pastor once told me that he viewed his job as a pastor much like King David took care of his flock. As a pastor, he believed his role was not just to disciple and preach but to also care about the physical protection of his congregation, and that is why he carried and asked specific members of his elders and members to as well.

I believe part of a teaching pastor’s role is to prepare their members with what the Word says about current events and not fear a lack of book sales, lack of television appearances, or lack of popularity to speak for truth and life.

As pastors and pastoral staff around the nation logistically, prayerfully and solemnly plan on how to talk to their congregations about this horrific event and plan on how to protect their members and guests . . . I hope they also re-visit what the Bible says about the importance of life, and when it begins, and start standing up for the unborn humans who cannot speak up for themselves.

I humbly ask pastors today, if you are going to rightly admonish murderers in Charleston, in Las Vegas, and in Sutherland Springs, please admonish the murderers of innocent babies in the womb. The media and politicians won’t, so you should.