'Wee Little Baby Man Had A Widdle Baby Tantrum': Rose McGowan Mocks Alec Baldwin

Actress Rose McGowan has heard quite enough out of Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin, now famous for his role on Saturday Night Live impersonating President Trump, on Friday all but blamed McGowan for what she has alleged was a sexual attack by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

"What happened was that Rose McGowan took a payment of $100,000 and settled her case with him, and it was for Rose McGowan to prosecute that case," Baldwin said in an interview on PBS.

McGowan fired back on Sunday.

Baldwin's comments set off a firestorm on social media over the weekend. In his PBS interview, Baldwin said:

Do the settlement of these cases hurt the cause of exposing and bringing us to a place of real change? When women take money and are silenced by that money, even though they took the money and were silenced because they were told, beyond the money, it was the right thing for them to do — keep quiet, don’t make too many waves, it is going to hurt your career. When they do it, nonetheless, does it set back the cause of change?

McGowan, who was 23 when she was allegedly assaulted, and who has led the charge against Weinstein, then wrote on Twitter:

Actress Asia Argento, who has accused Weinstein of raping her, and her boyfriend, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, bashed Baldwin for blaming the victim.

After the firestorm, Baldwin announced he was taking a hiatus from Twitter. He said it was "never his intention" to "blame the victim," adding that his "heart goes out" to any victim of sexual assault harassment.

Then he signed off with an "au revoir" and disappeared into the night.


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