Mike Pence On NYC Attack: 'We Will Bring Justice'

"NYC proves the resilience and character of the American people ..."

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Orlando, Florida this week to pitch tax reform on Thursday. He opened his speech by talking about the recent terror attack in New York City.

"Let me, if you will, just take a moment to address what's very much on the minds of every American this week," Pence began.

He paid tribute to the eight people who were murdered and 12 people injured in New York City last week by an alleged ISIS-inspired terrorist who plowed through a crowd with a truck. It was the worst terror attack in New York since September 11, 2001.

"I would expect if there is any city in America that understands what the people of New York City are going through, it would be Orlando," he said touching on last year’s terror attack at a nightclub in Florida. "I just want to say, as President Trump has said already, our hearts and our prayers go out to the families of the lost in New York City every bit as much as they still go out to the families and the loved ones lost here in Orlando, now more than a year ago."

He added, "We know, and Orlando proved again, the resilience and the character of the people of this country, and it's shining forth in New York City today."

The vice president emphasized, "When our enemies bring violence, Americans bring resolve, and we will bring justice."

Pence assured the crowd that the investigation will have the full support and resources that the White House can provide.

He also touched on the extreme vetting President Trump has proposed for the immigration process. "We'll be working with our Congress to reform our broken immigration system in this respect and in many others," Pence explained.

"Always press on, we always persevere, and we always focus on the future," he said. "Which is really what today is about. So thank you for letting me share that from my heart."

Pence went on to speak about tax reforms the Trump administration is proposing.


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