Michelle Goes Male-Bashing: Men Are Too 'Entitled' And 'Self-Righteous'

She's baaaack!

Michelle Obama is back in the spotlight once again, and she's bashing the entire male sex. Speaking at the Obama Foundation Summit on Wednesday, the former first lady suggested men are raised to not be as strong as women, but instead to be "entitled" and "self-righteous." According to Mrs. Obama, mothers are too soft on boys when bringing them up; they "love" their boys and "raise" their girls.

"The problem in the world today is we love our boys and we raise our girls, you know?" said Obama. "We raise them to be strong and sometimes we take care not to hurt men, and I think we pay for that a little bit."

"It’s powerful to have strong men but what does that strength mean?" she continued. "Does it mean respect ... or are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled or a little self-righteous sometimes?"

She also implored men to get "some friends" so they can be checked on their apparent gender deficiencies, as women allegedlly do.

"Y'all should get you some friends," she told the audience. "Get you some friends and talk to each other, because ... [women] straighten each other out on things."

"Y'all need to go talk to each other about your stuff because there’s so much of it," said Obama. "It’s so messy."

"Just talk to each other about why you’re the way you are," she added.

While Mrs. Obama offered up no explanation or examples of men being "entitled" or "self-righteous," this is not first time the former first lady has taken a vague swipe at the male sex.

Last summer, Obama was asked what men could do to "help women" (whatever that means). Her reply was equal parts ambiguous and condemning: "Be better," she said. "Be better at everything."

Not exactly the most helpful advice.

But the deeper issue here is not the vague male-bashing, really. It's troubling that feminist Obama is complaining about boys and men being coddled, and in a sense, weakened. Yet her ideological strain is working to strip our men of any real maleness and strength, what the Left now calls "toxic masculinity." In fact, it was the Obama Administration which worked to further blur the lines between gender, with overreaching public-school directives that detach gender from biology completely.

It's also a little rich for Mrs. Obama, a proud member of the Party of Entitlements, to be complaining about entitled people at all. She helped create this monster.

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