HILARIOUS: Trump Wants To Call Tax Cut Bill 'The Cut Cut Cut Act'

President Trump has a hilarious nickname for the tax reform bill he wants to pass, and the name alone is likely to send Democrats into paroxysms of gnashing teeth and wailing: “The Cut Cut Cut Act.”

The bill will be presented on Thursday, and still does not have an official name, so Trump informed senior congressional leadership that the bill should be called by the nickname, the very thought of which is anathema to the Democratic party, which is traditionally the party of more spending.

According to ABC News, the Ways and Means Committee will have the final say over the name. House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Ways and Means chairman Kevin Brady have been exchanging phone calls over the past week to discuss what the name for the bill should be; although Ryan reportedly had wanted to let Trump decide because he loves branding things. Despite Trump’s insistence that the bill be called “The Cut Cut Cut Act,” Ryan and Brady are reticent to take the suggestion.

A senior White House official told ABC News that internal White House polling has revealed Americans respond more favorably to language that highlights tax cuts over tax reform. The official added, “At the end of the day this will be known as the ‘Trump tax cuts.’”

A senior aide for Ryan said the naming of the bill is a “total non-issue.” When asked whether having the president name a bill is the usual state of affairs, the aide replied, “With a Republican president it seems you’d want to have involvement.”


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